About the Covid-Free Pass (CFP)

The Covid-Free Pass is a straightforward and forgery-proof way to check your digital Covid-19 test results and vaccination status. Certificates are stored on a blockchain and protected with a personal Identification-Code to enable them to be reused. To protect your privacy, no personal data are stored.

Example: Identification-Code: 57wt4m2c and link for checking

If you receive another test, you can reuse your personal Identification-Code to update any associated applications (e.g. a football season ticket) automatically or maintain an overview of tests carried out.

Frequently answered questions about the Covid-Free Pass (CFP)

Will I receive my result only as a QR code if I take a test at Biolytix?
No, you will continue to receive your results as a PDF, which you can use in digital form or as a hard copy, as usual. The Covid-Free Pass is provided in addition to this PDF.
How and for what purpose can I use the CFP Identification-Code?
You can state your CFP Identification-Code when booking another test appointment. This will enable you to continue to use the same QR code, and the current certificate will be checked and updated.
Are any special details necessary to obtain a CFP?
You will need to provide your passport or ID card number for a CFP to be issued. This number and the CFP Identification-Code are your key to your test certificate.
Will I be charged for the CFP?
No, the CFP is an additional service provided as part of the test and is free of charge.
Where will I be able to use the CFP?
You can currently use the CFP to check if your test result is valid. In the future, the CFP will also be used to enable access to events, travel, etc..

For more information, see the Covid-Free Pass (CFP) website.